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“No more” Official Video O Marisquiño 2018

Marisquiño is an event of urban culture and extreme sports that is celebrated in Vigo (Pontevedra). They are grouped different disciplines such as World Cup Skateboarding , BMX, Flat land,
DIRT World Champioship, FMX, 3×3 basket, break dance, MTB downtown…


Directed by Manu Viqueira

Audiovisual Coordination:
Cuco Pino and Victor Rodríguez

Pio Cribeiro,  Pedro Pisos, Cuco Pino, Miguel Barreiro, Pablo Chouza, Deidre Candle, Teresa Burgos, Victor Rodríguez, Semi Soto, Toño Chouza

Manu Viqueira and J.S. Raimundi

Design and motion graphics:
Manu Viqueira and David Rodríguez Simón

Music: “No more”, The Qemists